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I only wanted a moggy! I’d always had a cat when I was at university. But Lynda, being Lynda, went into research mode when I casually mentioned that perhaps it was about time to get a cat. Within days of my pronouncement, ’your Cat’ magazine appeared on the coffee table. Flicking through the posh pedigree pictures at the back, we both suddenly pointed at the prettiest cat we had ever seen. Ragdolls? Never heard of them! Intrigued, we contacted Hazels Dolls in Romford and ended up buying the most adorable brother and sister kittens; Raggy and Millie. And that, as they say, was that. We fell in love! We bought Happytyme Miss-Lyra as a breeding queen two years later from the Happytyme Cattery in Doncaster and she, in turn, gave birth to our second queen, Evella Stella By Starlight. And the moggy? Strangely enough, she turned up on our door step about 6 years ago. We tried to find her owner but to no avail. She was hungry, matted and miserable having lived rough for who knows how long. She is now one of the family, has a glossy coat and loves the Ragdolls. Her name? Moggy of course! Sadly, Moggy passed away October 2016. RIP.